Many of you have asked for it – and we're pleased to finally deliver. Instead of canceling a booking outright, you can now have your customers reschedule it instead.

Here's how it works: When your customer press reschedule they are automatically sent to your projects hosted page where all the info they provided in the previous booking is pre-filled and ready to go.

Nifty eh? But it doesn't stop there.

It works with embeddable widgets too! 🎉

In your project settings you can edit the rescheduling URL so if you are using our embeddable widget you can send them to that URL instead of the hosted page. AND even more awesome sauce - pre-filling works on embeddable widgets.

Oh and one more thing. It's built with our action links, so you can put these nifty new rescheduling links into your own custom emails. Pretty dang cool if you ask us.