Many of you have asked for it – and we're pleased to finally deliver. Instead of canceling a booking outright, you can now have your customers reschedule it instead.

Here's how it works: When your customer press reschedule they are automatically sent to your projects hosted page where all the info they provided in the previous booking is pre-filled and ready to go.

Nifty eh? But it doesn't stop there.

It works with embeddable widgets too! 🎉

In your project settings you can edit the rescheduling URL so if you are using our embeddable widget you can send them to that URL instead of the hosted page. AND even more awesome sauce - pre-filling works on embeddable widgets.

Oh and one more thing. It's built with our action links, so you can put these nifty new rescheduling links into your own custom emails. Pretty dang cool if you ask us.

Broad availability search

When you are working with tons of bookable resources, it can become a bit cumbersome to find all available slots within a given range via our availability API.

Therefore, we've made it easier to do a preliminary availability check that finds any resources that have at least 1 available time within a given time interval.

You can then use the output of this call to do a more granular availability query among the available resources to e.g. populate our booking UI with timeslots.

This way you can show available times among thousands of resources with simple API calls and in very very short time.

Read the docs here:

Cancellation Policy

Want to make sure your customers don't cancel their appointment or meeting right before it's scheduled to take place?

In your project settings, you can now set up a min. cancellation notice under "event info".

So if you set the notice to 1 hour and your customer tries to cancel within 1 hour of the meeting, they are told that they've passed the notice and need to stick to their original time.

More robust double booking check

Hey 👋

Just wanted to let you know that we've released a more robust way for our platform to ensure no-one can book the same timeslot.

In some rare cases, several customers might have loaded the booking view and if one of those customers books one of the available slots without the others reloading it could create a booking conflict.

Now no more! Because Timekit automatically does all the right checks much faster now so that the second customer sees a message that the timeslot disappeared.

You snooze you lose ⏰

(oh, and btw you can this setting via our API - it's on per default if you use "projects" to configure our platform, and off if you don't. Head to our docs to read more)

AM/PM bug in .ics files

The .ics files included in our confirmation emails now contain the right AM/PM formatting.... please don't ask 😶

...Okay, okay! we accidentally used a lowercase instead of uppercase on one letter.

Zapier improvements

Today we've released more triggers to help you set up more advanced Zaps. Now you have separate triggers for each new booking state in Timekit

  • New tentative
  • New confirmed
  • New declined
  • New Paid + unpaid
  • New Cancelled by Customer
  • New Cancelled by owner
  • New completed

We've also added information about which resource was booked to the payload that goes to Zapier.

Happy Zapping!

Timekit + Zapier = Awesome!

The Timekit Zapier integration is here!

It makes it easier than ever to integrate Timekit with all the other apps and services you use to run your business.

Here's some inspiration for what you can do:

  • Add a customer to a mailing list in MailChimp
  • Send a text reminder with Twilio
  • Add an invoice in Xero accounting

There is almost no limitation to what you can do with this. Hurry up and get movin' and see for yourself!

Read the full blog post

Timekit for iOS

Take our admin with you on the move with our brand new app for your iPhone 📱

Just head to the app store, download it, log in with your account credentials, and enjoy an unbelievably simple way to manage your Timekit bookings.


  • 🔔Notifications of new bookings
  • 📥Overview of all past and upcoming bookings
  • ✅Confirm/Decline tentative bookings
  • ❌Cancel already-confirmed bookings

Enjoy! (and yes Android is coming too)

Apple App Store Link

A simpler way to create booking experiences

Hello friends 👋

In the spring we promised you a new developer friendly version of Timekit Projects. Well, now it’s here and we are excited to share it with you. We have simplified what it means to build a booking experience using Timekit’s APIs and we are very proud of the result. Here's what new:

  • 🔑 A new developer friendly version of Timekit Projects
  • ⏱ A new availability engine - completely rebuilt for speed and simplicity
  • 👩‍🔧 Working / opening hours for your resources
  • 📆 Microsoft (Office 365 + Outlook) calendar integration and syncing

Read more here:

Action Links

Introducing more power to your custom notifications 📩

You can now generate one-time-use action links that can update a booking's state when someone clicks it. Links are cryptographically limited to 1 booking and 1 action so they are completely safe to send out to your users.

This is especially helpful if you want to include a link to "cancel booking" or "reschedule appointment" in your notifications going out to customers.

Read the guide here:

No published changelogs yet.

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