Buffer Time

New feature

... Look man u can't touch this

You'll probably get hyped boy 'cause you know you can't u can't touch this

Ring the bell school's back in break it down



Stop... Buffer time 🎵

... Enjoy your new buffer time setting under project settings and the ability to control how much breathing time between appointments you need.

Fix for broken upgrade button


If you noticed that you weren't able to press the upgrade button, it wasn't just you. We identified a small subset of our users who had been caught in a nasty in-between state. So we asked a couple of our devs to take a look at it and quick as they are they've now deployed a fix 🔧

There's a big chance you didn't even notice there was a bug in the first but rest assured that it's gone nevertheless.

Introducing Projects

New feature

Everyone say hello to projects – Projects say hello to everyone 🤝

Have you ever wondered what on earth widgets were? Yeah, we did too - and we created them so that's extra embarrassing. Widgets have now grown up, gone to school, learned a ton, and have finally graduated as projects 🎉

Projects are your new way of setting up Timekit. You can have as many projects as you need and for any context. Have multiple locations? Create a project for each. Have both internal meetings and external customer meetings? Create a project for each.

There're really no limitations to projects and the best thing they are soon coming to our developer platform as well to make the interaction with us on an API level much much simpler.

Changelog in Admin


Oh, this is meta. We have now added our changelog as a small pop-up widget in the lower left corner of our admin interface.

So this changelog is basically a changelog about our changelog 🙃

Admin 3.0

New feature

Wait.. where did the top menu go?

We had a long and difficult conversation with the top menu, including its cousin the top breadcrumb and decided it was time to grow up and become a left aligned menu 👈

When you log into your admin dashboard you'll now find a simplified menu to the left, app/account controls in the bottom, and plenty of space for what's important; your bookings and settings.

Our designers and engineers have been working extremely hard at giving you not just a new navigation system, but also a wealth of improvements and design updates. So when you click through your dashboard you should find it to be more snappy, more stable, and more modern all around.

Thank you for using Timekit 😘

New colors on widget


You may notice that your widget looks a bit fresher. That's because our designer made a few, but important design updates to it.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates to our UI widget.

Added a small loader in the widget


Even a second can feel long on the internet, so to keep the waiting enjoyable while we fetch availability we've added a small loader to let you know that we are working hard behind the scenes.

List view

New feature

Today we are introducing a new layout for our widget. Now, instead of always showing timeslots in a week view you can change to list view.

This is particularly useful if you have few available times or are using group slots far away from each other.

You can change back and forth between the layouts instantly from our admin.

Try it out and let us know what you think 👊

Max look ahead

New feature

You can now control how long into the future Timekit will fetch available timeslots. So if you only want to show availability for the next week, 2 weeks or further you can control it from our admin UI.

User timezone picker


Remember when you added new users and you had to guess an obscure PHP standard for the timezone? Yeah, that's been changed to a nifty dropdown like it should have been from the beginning.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Timekit Inc will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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